This is How I Was Born

Children's Book. Written by: Shoham Smit, Illustrated by: Noam Weiner, Published in 2020 by Hapoalim Library (Israel).

For the illustration work in the book I was awarded Israel Museum's prestigious 2022 "Ben Yitzhak" prize.


"Flowers and butterflies, penis and vulva, egg and sperm. Talking about it was never easy, but children keep coming into the world, and someone - you, their parents! - have to explain to them how it's being done. Unlike other books, this book does not have to be read in sequence.

The idea is to allow a choice of what and when to tell, to match with the cognitive and emotional stage of your child, and of course, from a direct connection to their own birth experience.

With lots of love and humor, you too will get through it".